Impact The relationship between philanthropy and social impact

Cory S Powers
3 min readFeb 13, 2023

Impact-driven givers come in many different forms and don’t just write checks. They consciously support causes, ministries, and institutions that work to improve the world and uplift the oppressed. Many of these donors combine their philanthropic contributions with investment funds to fund larger or riskier projects that might not otherwise be commercially viable. They are frequently known as “impact investors.”

Impact Partners equips donors to unleash more excellent outcomes from their philanthropy with a forward-looking vision and tested model. The team is supported by Social Solutions, a nonprofit and public sector provider of robust, scalable case management software that has been relied upon for more than 20 years by over 2,300 impact-driven organizations.

The group describes impact investing as “a wide range of financial instruments used by investors for both social and financial returns.” Investments with a social impact and a corresponding return on investment are located at one end. To achieve alignment with risk/return and impact expectations, hybrid financial instruments combine features of various financial instruments.

By combining donations to HIP, making program-related investments (PRIs), and providing grants to social enterprises that increase healthcare access for those with little or no access, HIP’s charitable funding model straddles the gap between impact investing and philanthropy. The PRIs and grants support the development of long-lasting, market-focused business models.

Social Solutions, a pioneer in cloud software for nonprofit and government social service organizations, was established in Austin, Texas. Clients have access to the complete social good platform thanks to its Apricot and ETO products, which offer case management, participant connection, data insights, outcome analytics, and funder enablement solutions.

The company’s goal is to develop technology that enables organizations to analyze their data effectively, measure participant, family, and community outcomes, and optimize them. They provide simple-to-use tools and staff with extensive training to help with implementation, customization, and ongoing support.

The Growth Philanthropy Network (GPN), which offers the philanthropy community a marketplace that effectively distributes capital to successful nonprofits, enables them to scale and spread their impact. Social Solution is a member of the GPN. Additionally, the philanthropist’s Social-Impact Investments program of GPN enables philanthropists to pursue promising opportunities that advance the Foundation’s strategic priorities.

Professor Fred Hollows, an eye surgeon and humanitarian, inspired The Fred Hollows Foundation to work in over 25 nations to help end avoidable blindness. They restore sight through revolutionary procedures and treatments, educate medical professionals, and promote change.

The Foundation wants to guarantee that everyone can get quality eye care at a reasonable price. They construct eye hospitals, offer new technology, and support local skills through training.

They have collaborated with local groups all over Australia to reduce the disproportionately high rates of vision loss. Preventing avoidable blindness includes educating and empowering Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

The Foundation is a Sydney-based international development organization that works to end avoidable blindness in developing countries. They collaborate with governments and local authorities to create long-lasting eye health systems.

Co-Impact, a global collaboration that unites philanthropists to support comprehensive initiatives to improve human well-being through health, education, and economic opportunity, was founded and is led by Olivia Leland. Co-Impact brings together philanthropists and social change makers through the power of collaboration to create, support, and invest in tested solutions that are prepared to scale up much more than any one actor could do on their own.

Co-charitable Impact’s endeavors aim to build a more equitable and inclusive society. The organization supports leaders who advance women’s leadership, agency, and power to accomplish this, prioritizing gender equity.

Co-Impact collaborates closely with organizations that use strategies and tactics rooted in regional contexts to help achieve these objectives. Additionally, it aims to support African philanthropy and inspire donors to become active members of their communities.



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