The Benefits of Volunteering in the Real World for College Students

Cory S Powers
3 min readApr 17


Many college students struggle to balance their classes, schoolwork, extracurricular activities, and social commitments. Although it might occasionally be challenging to incorporate volunteer activities into their schedules, the effort is definitely worthwhile.

According to research, volunteering provides various advantages for students’ mental health. These include lowering stress levels, enhancing interpersonal abilities, and boosting self-assurance.

College students can develop their talents and learn more about their career objectives by volunteering. For instance, volunteering at a hospital or clinic might help you decide whether a job in healthcare is a suitable fit for you and what your career aspirations might be.

The ability to develop your confidence and strengthen your resume is a significant additional advantage of volunteering for college students. Even if the task was unpaid, employers still want to see relevant work experience on a candidate’s résumé.

Additionally, you’ll be able to learn leadership, time-management, and problem-solving techniques that are applicable to any field you decide to pursue. These abilities can help your CV stand out from the competition and will give you a competitive advantage during interviews and job searches.

It might be challenging to find time for extracurricular activities when you are a college student. You’re busy with your work, clubs, social duties, and academic responsibilities.

While you might occasionally feel overburdened and insecure about your skills, volunteering might help you get over these emotions. Additionally, it gives you a sense of fulfillment and purpose, which can lift your spirits.

Additionally, you’ll get the chance to connect with new people from all backgrounds. Building your social network and gaining guidance on your profession or future aspirations can both benefit from this encounter.

Volunteering overseas can give you a unique perspective on international issues that you would never have otherwise in a world where diversity is becoming more and more vital. It may also inspire you to develop greater empathy and awareness of cultural variance.

One of the most crucial things a student can do to develop skills, get experience, and meet new friends while in college is volunteer. Volunteering also aids in reducing the two major contributors to mental health problems among university students: stress and depression.

A study that was published in the Journal of Psychiatric Rehabilitation found that students who volunteered had reduced levels of stress and despair. This is because helping others gives volunteers a chance to interact with people and a sense of success.

Learning about various cultures and viewpoints is yet another advantage of volunteering. College students may find this expertise useful when they transition into the workforce.

Students can build communication skills, learn how to deal with various groups, and comprehend cultural nuances through interacting with a variety of people from various origins and perspectives. They may be more understanding and adaptable in their professional lives as a result.

It can be challenging for college students to balance work, school, and social life. You may reduce some of that stress and enhance your physical health by volunteering.

Working with people from various backgrounds and professions will help you grow your network as well. Making contacts at a tutoring program, for instance, can help you if you have an interest in education and want to develop that interest into a job.

Those connections could be helpful when submitting a job application after college. Having that additional experience may also give you a competitive edge during job searches and interviews.

Building a network of individuals who can support your interests long after graduation can often be a smart idea, and volunteering can be a low-risk approach to determining whether a particular career is suited for you. It can also provide you with a fresh perspective on time management, idea generation, and issue solving.



Cory S Powers

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